on the bench

I am committed to small-scale production and the practice of slow-smithing,
working with and through my hands,
I follow the metal in an organic process,
therefore two pieces will never look the same

sharing is caring, so here are some glimpses of my smithing process
oops, never mind the nails....;) 
just on fire
pulling studio made gold wire
filing, filing, filing...
cutting them gold rings
making mochis
stone setting is a precise work...
parts and pieces all hand forged
gold links ready
this is the magic :)
forming gold rings of studio drawn gold wire
a gold mochi ready to go
forming a pendant requires annealing to make the metal workable
gold ingots alloyed and poured by me
keeping it clean
stamping them jewelry
stone setting a gold pendant
gold bangle ready to go
fitting the stones in the believer
working on them baby chans
clients gold ready to be melted
setting sapphires in the believer
ring sizing
setting stones in the golden dome
alloying and pouring my own gold ingots
fitting the gemstones in the wax model for the gold ring
working on the shabondama ring...
a golden mochi set with a sapphire 
 securing the shabondama ring with a gold pin
these little solder chips are tinier than tiny
a gold star ready to be adorned with a stone 
the pit for stone setting 
my first sapphire set in gold!!! Yayy!!!
bits for stone setting
so many solders to choose from, depending what you're gonna solder...
annealing a gold band to make it malleable to work with 
forming a custom made gold band of clients recycled heirloom gold
just soldered the jumpring to the gold mochi 
time to melt recycled gold in a charcoal block
silver bonbon mochi all set with sapphires and tourmalines