production & materials

practicing slow-smithing, my jewelry is made to order,
however I do carry a limited stock of items (marked as "buy now" in the options)
all of my jewelry is handmade by me in Tokyo or Malmö
my material of choice is 10K and 18K yellow/pink/white gold or silver
please note, pieces are one of a kind, therefore two pieces will not be identical 

shipping and processing time

pieces marked as "buy now" are ready to be shipped
made to order pieces, carry a 6-8 week production time
you will receive confirmation of your order via email
when your order is ready to ship, you will receive a tracking number
I ship with tracking and insurance, however should anything happen with the parcel, I cannot be held responsible for any items that go missing

customs and import taxes

kinyobistudio is small studio in Sweden, therefore shipping is from Sweden 
all international packages are subjected to customs and duties 
once your order is on its way, kinyobistudio is not responsible for those costs 
customers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply
these vary country to country, so for questions regarding this, please contact your country's customs
by law I must declare all items for shipping at their full price and cannot alter this amount to decrease custom fees
in addition I am not responsible for delays due to customs


all pieces, including pieces made to order and bespoke pieces, are final 
my pieces are non exchangeable and non refundable 
in the rare case that a piece arrives damaged or defective, please contact me within 48 hours of receipt


if the damage of a kinyobistudio piece is due to mishandling or other circumstances, there will be a fee for repair and shipping
please contact me for a quote and further information

special orders

if you have heirloom gold or silver, and would like to repurpose it, please get in touch with me
in the case of custom castings, I can unfortunately not use recycled gold or silver


engraving is available with an additional fee 
engraving is out-sorced to a local engraver in Tokyo (not available currently)
all engraved pieces are non-returnable

how to care for your pieces

I believe in "nature in - nature out"
tarnishing occurs when the copper in both silver and gold is exposed to oxygen 
most big brand jewelers use a sealing cover, I do not
wearing your jewelry is the best way to keep them from tarnishing 

in any case, here are some basic jewelry care tips: 
remove all jewelry when doing tasks that might scratch, stress or damage the piece, such as washing dishes, gardening and general housework 
keep your jewelry away from cosmetics, hairsprays, make-up, lotions or any products that can cause build-up 
gold and silver also tarnish when stored for a long period of time without being worn,
please understand the nature of precious metals, there's tips out there how to clean and store your pieces when not being used

pieces with silk and other organic material

unlike synthetic fibres, all pieces made with natural material will change over time and with use

please understand mother nature

pieces containing silk, pearls or other organic material need to be taken care of. Do not sleep, shower, swim, do gardening, work out etc with your kinyobi pieces. This will cause build up and break down..

Oxidised pieces

some of my pieces are oxidised  this is a natural process where silver is exposed to oxidation  when jewellers oxidise jewelry is a speed up of this process  

please understand the oxidisation will wear off to a more natural looking oxidisation  

this is all normal, however, if you like I can re-do the process for an additional cost, just get in touch!

necklace chain lengths 

who doesn't love a good neckmess! I love layering and mixing metals and colors! below is a guide of lengths, please remember this is only a guide, lengths will look different from one person to another
perhaps try with a piece of string, or measure the chains you already have for a more adequate idea

ring sizing

if you don't know your ring size, the best option is to visit your local jeweler and have them determine the size using a special ring sizer
keep in mind, fingers change over years and even seasons... and if you’re a woman during your cycle…


or have a look at this chart below


if you have additional questions, I would be happy to be at your service, please email me through the contact form